Pros and Cons of the Nexplanon® Birth Control Implant

When it comes to birth control, preventing a pregnancy is the simple part. Figuring out which birth control method is right for your situation and goals is a little trickier given the wide range of choices available to you. To help you make a more informed decision, we’re taking this opportunity to highlight one of our more effective options — the Nexplanon®️ implant.

At Ozark Ob/Gyn, our team offers an extensive range of services designed to help women through every stage of their reproductive lives. And if reproduction isn’t in the cards for you right now, we provide a number of effective birth control options, including the popular Nexplanon implant.

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of Nexplanon.

Pro: Great protection

Because the primary goal of birth control is to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, this should be the first thing you consider when choosing a birth control option. And the Nexplanon implant checks this box extremely well, with a 99% efficacy rate.

Pro: Hassle-free

Another factor to consider is how involved you want to be with your birth control. For example, if you opt for oral contraception, you need to remember to take your pill daily. With Nexplanon, we insert the tiny implant under your skin (usually on the inside of your upper arm) and simply let it go to work. 

Pro: Long-term protection

The Nexplanon implant prevents pregnancy for up to three years, after which time you simply return to us so we can remove the old implant and insert a new one for continued protection.

Con: Irregular bleeding

The most commonly reported side effect among some Nexplanon users is irregular bleeding. Some women experience spotting during the first year as well as longer and heavier periods. That said, one in three women with the implant stop bleeding altogether.

Con: No protection against STDs

If you’re sexually active with multiple partners or new partners, it’s important to note that while Nexplanon can prevent pregnancy, it does not protect you against sexually transmitted infections.

There are pros and cons for every birth control option we offer, and we’re happy to sit down with you to review your medical history and your goals to help guide you toward the best choice. To get started, please contact our office in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, at 573-785-0313.

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